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Voice, speech and intelligibility

Voice, speech and intelligibility

The voice is fantastic; we use it for speech, we use it for singing. These days EBB is involved in three different projects related to voice perception.

Voice in room – In a collaboration with the National School of Performing Art and the royal Theatre a special pilot experiment has been carried out. Speech intelligibility of the new playhouse in Copenhagen has been measured by the use of PB-words (phonetically balanced words). This methodology is interesting as the influence of non-acoustic parameters like the light settings can be included in the result. A paper is planned to be presented at the AES convention in Warsaw May 2015.

The good radio voice – a Ph.D. project by Anna Lawaetz, IAC, Copenhagen University. This project will be finished September 2014. The research is based on that part of DR archives that has been made available to research. Exciting results. Look out for articled published based on this project.

Complete Vocal Technique – In collaboration with Cathrine Sadolin and Henrik Kjelin of Complete Vocal Institute, Copenhagen, an ongoing research on the acoustic analysis of the vocal modes is taking place. A general model has been established. Now the next step is an extensive listening test making subjects assess fragments of recorded notes. The results will be presented in Los Angeles, Oct. 2014 (See paper titles in publications list).

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